Thank you for taking the time to stop by the Heyoka Healing Arts website.
Let me introduce myself if I may...
My name is Michael, I am a certified and registered Reiki Master/Teacher in traditional Usui Ryoho Reiki and Karuna Reiki®, as well as a student of Native American traditions and shamanism.
I created this website so that I might aid and assist those interested in creating a better life for themselves through the study and application of Reiki.

I am devoted to helping those with discomfort to heal themselves.
I have spent more than a few years questing through numerous philosophies, combining what I consider the best of what I have discovered, and much of what I have learned can be found in the practice of Reiki.
Chakra balancing, polarity therapy and Reiki all work on the level of vibration and energy, and this is where I am best suited to helping others heal.

Over time I have learned that I have an intuition for dis-eases, the aches and pains of friends, clients, co-workers and even small and large animals is apparent to me, and through Reiki and natural awareness, I have been given the ability to assist with these discomforts.

I am trained and attuned to the Usui Ryoho Reiki tradition, a time honoured system of energetic healing.
I also work with the Chakras, polarity therapy and a sense of shamanic intuition to give the client a complete and relaxing session.

As an experienced and professional healing facilitator, I can assist you in clearing away issues and blockages within your
energetic system that may just be causing problems too deep to be noticed on the surface, only to show up as a sore back, a headache, unexplainable aches and pains, migraines.... the list goes on.
A Reiki session of 30 to 60 minutes can help sweep away a days' stress without a lot of strain or work on your part.

I am offering a variety of treatments, classes and workshops for all levels of interest, so please be sure to bookmark
this website and check back often. There are always new things on the horizon...

What I do...
1) I assist people in balancing their personal energy
2) I assist people in working out issues
3) I work as a healing facilitator.
As you may see elsewhere on this site, I don't do the healing, the recipient does.
I only assist in the flow of positive energy.
4) I instruct in how to do the above through the application of Reiki and other methods and
5) I give talks and seminars on Reiki, energy work, positive vibration, place memory and interconnectedness.

What I don't....
1) I don't claim to be psychic
2) I don't make or give predictions

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Either way, you will learn a little about Reiki and it's history.
I hope you enjoy your visit and find it enlightening...