Located in the west end of Toronto, Heyoka Healing Arts is easily
~ TTC accessible (just a short ride from Kipling Subway Station)
~ Highway accessible (right beside the 427)
~ Wheelchair accessible and parking available
~ housecalls are available upon request in the Metropolitan Toronto area.

You can reach me through this website or at

I am available for personal & group consultations, therapy sessions and classes.
I often do free workshops in conjunction with the Toronto Public Library system,
and Origo Books at 49 Lower Jarvis St.,
so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often.

Services & Fees


Basic charge is $1 per minute.
This does include time during consultation pre or post Reiki session.
*Eg: 30 minutes of Reiki + 15 minute consultation post-session = $45.*

A typical therapy session will last 30 - 60 minutes depending on the clients' request.

Michael also provides services to small and medium sized animals.
Household pets take to Reiki very well, cats in particular,
and are very aware and receptive to the
natural energies at work in the healing process.



Axiatonal Alignment is a healing modality, and along with being a way to reconnect
with Mother Earth, it is also an initiation into Divine Awareness. In its healing capacity,
Axiatonal Alignment opens blocked meridians to allow the free flow of energies that have been trapped
in our beings and restrict our movement forward. As these energies are allowed to flow without restriction
we will release all cellular memories that we have been afraid to look at, that have held us captive.
We are now free to look at these moments and events from a different perspective,
one that is not hindered by fear, anger or misunderstanding.

When this happens, a healing occurs.

Axiatonal Alignment is a short treatment that involves three passes down the body.
During each pass the practitioner will lightly touch the client at specific points on their body.
These points, when put together, trace out forms of sacred geometry.

What may you feel with this treatment?
Some recipients have experienced deep relaxation, an increase in focus and clarity,
motivation, improved concentration, a sense of balance and more vivid dreams.
You may find that the answers to your questions arrive in dreams or memory flashbacks.
You may feel more in the flow, recognizing more synchronicity and allowing.

Fee for an alignment is $15 and on request, coincides with a standard Reiki session.


Houses, living spaces, workspace.... you would be amazed at the amount of energetic
clutter that can gather in your living area. Sometimes to the point of
"disturbing" those that live in the home or work in the area.
More and more lately people talk to me about having restless sleep,
often to the point of insomnia. This is often the result of "energetic clutter",
and along with a good physical cleaning out of the space, an energetic clearing can
make a big difference in one's sleep.
I can assist with moving that stagnant or resistant energy.

Fee dependent on the size of the space, generally $75-$100 per clearing.

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to book an appointment for a Reiki session or to arrange classes.

Classes and therapy sessions now payable in advance through Paypal.
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