The Purity of Energy

As mentioned elsewhere on this website, I have been schooled and trained in the Usui Ryoho Reiki tradition of therapeutic healing.
The common belief is that Usui Sensei's knowledge, vibration, energy... call it what you will, is passed on through the act of
an attunement, the act of tuning one in to the vibration necessary to facilitate and/or enact healing energies.

(Still with me here?)

I have noticed, as many likely have, that there are myriad versions and schools of Reiki, all basically teaching the same information, some with perhaps a personalized twist on them (preference of the "creator" of the system, no doubt), some with wonderful, mystical & mysterious names, harkening to ancient and cryptic times, some very basic and how-to. And this is wonderful, the fact that the energy is getting out there is very important.

However, I have been seeing a trend by some to claim that their lineage or history is somehow "more pure" or "more beneficial" or, since it was taught a certain way, there can't be any deviation, and the master that taught you isn't the master that taught me so I don't think I can learn from you, and we shouldn't blend our energies, and on and on and on....

This all leads me to one question regarding teachers/masters and lineage.

If all the Reiki practitioners/therapists/healing facilitators have been attuned by a master whose lineage leads back to the root,
that root being Usui Sensei, how can any one claim to have a stronger or purer "stream" or connection?

Which would lead me to suggest that considering we're all working toward the same goal, perhaps it's time to open up to other schools of thought, not only in regard to Reiki, spirituality, metaphysics and all that fun stuff, but also in regard to the way we look at the world.

There's a lot to be learned by looking at the way others in the world live.

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