Rich Beddoe - Professional Musician
I personally weave my way through life as a skeptical thinker.
On first meeting Michael and explaining this to him, I was intrigued
at his patience and understanding on the matter.
By the end of this first conversation and before a touch was placed
I realized I already felt less anxious than I normally do.
I told him this and said I would be interested in coming to a class
to learn more and asked when does the next class start and
when would I start to feel results?

Michael said, smiling, "5 minutes ago", and walked away...
It was then I got it and then I knew I would be coming back.

Diana Catherine Oakley, singer/songwriter

Sarasota, FL
"Michael has helped me immensely as an artist and personally.
He taught me how to use my energy and how to connect with the universe on a positive level.
Not only is he a friend but a spiritual guide and mentor."

Basia Lyjak , singer/songwriter

"I've learned to ground myself, especially in intense emotional moments,
both onstage and in my personal life. Working with Michael has helped me
to learn about my own strengths and how I can share them with others.
I think more people should become aware of Reiki, people need to see
more than what's right in front of them,
Michael has a way of making it all make sense."

Alexandra, future opera star

I would love to arrange another session with you this week.

I'm experiencing some truly wonderful effects;
one of which is my shoulders
have started relaxing,
which is good because the tension sometimes gets in my
way when I sing, and I've been working to loosen them for years:)
I'm very excited to continue and then to learn for myself.


My audition for the Canadian Opera Company is this coming Monday at 3pm,
and I would love to schedule a reiki session with you earlier in the day, if you are available.
Both previous times I wished I had somewhere to sing afterward;
I think it would be very beneficial.


I wanted to e-mail you and tell you that the audition was the best one I have ever given:)
I got in there and something just relaxed, and even though there were nerves
(I don't think those ever go away, there's something wrong if you don't feel them a little at least...)
I found myself able to channel them into the emotions I was portraying rather than letting them choke me up.
I felt this flow from the top of my head, down my arms and out my
hands when I lifted them towards the judging panel, it was really something!

I could also really feel how much better I'll get at doing it:)
The singing itself was actually nearly flawless; I can't think of a single thing I thought went badly.

I really can't wait to read that book and really get started learning Reiki.
Every Reiki session brings a new revelation:)

Ash, Kingston, Ont.
I enjoyed my visit yesterday very much. The reiki session was very beneficial.
My shoulder is significantly less sore. I hadn't realized I had stopped using the right arm all together.
I'm working on keeping the shoulders loose.
Over all everything has improved since the session.
I really needed that.

From Sybilla in Memphis, Tennessee

Sybilla and I had been communicating via instant messenger, and I sensed a major discomfort in her right side, specifically running down the back of her right arm. I requested her to bring up an image of myself to concentrate upon while I did the same with her image, and I instructed her on how to breathe.
After 5 minutes of concentrated "unison" breathing, she came back on instant messenger and responded with the following...

"It was the strangest thing.... when I was focusing on your eyes, I saw an image of the sun really
bright and warm and then I heard my neck make a crackling sound like it does when I move it,
I wasn't moving it and now it feels much less painful and tense.
Thank you Michael. I believe you have helped me a lot.
Thank you again for helping. I'm really tired of pain everyday. *hugs*

And the next day...
"When I woke up this morning, the pain in my neck was gone!
Though it may come back, I have to tell you I'm so relieved to have some hours of relief and I thank you so much for this.
None of the pain medicine had helped. You are very gifted. I appreciate your help so much. I was feeling pretty hopeless and
despondent about the pain before. It means a lot to me that you wanted to help.
I hope you and the Lady Silver are well and happy. *hugs*

blessings, Sybilla

From Kathleen in Biddeford, Maine

I first 'met' Michael about three years ago via a now defunct website. I was in treatment for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma,
and regrettable was not doing well. Michael and I seemed to gravitate to each other (very much kindred spirits),
and without much information from me he gleaned that I was essentially terminally ill.
As a Witch, I am familiar with energy work, but not over truly great distances.
With my permission, he began to send healing energy to me, with instructions on how to properly receive and handle it.
Within days I was feeling better, and showing my old sense of humour again (which had floored my oncologist,
who was preparing me for the worst). Within a month or so the improvement to my system on
a cellular level was so pronounced that I was on the road to remission.
I must attribute this to Michael's work on my behalf, as I was being treated with the most cutting edge medical treatments available at that time, and was dying.

I have been in and out of remission several times over the past few years, always with the same cancer.
And each time Michael was there for me.
Each time he helped my body heal, and he taught me just how much love and energy is readily available to me out in the void.
He taught me to reach out for it. And while I continue to fight, Michael has not forgotten me.
I don't have to reach out to him... he contacts me and simply KNOWS that there is something wrong.

The faith that I have in Michael, and his skills in Reiki, have altered my life beyond measure.
He has taught me to truly have faith in the powers lying within us all.
And he has done more to give me comfort than any MD.
Certainly, there are times when all one in my position wants is palliative care.
Michael serves to remind me that we can strive for healing beyond traditional medical practices.
And he has shown me how to balance the medical and the Reiki for optimal results.

I have been told that I should not be here now. And that eventually the cancer will take me from this life.
But Michael and his fellow practitioners are always there, just by my shoulder in spirit, reminding me that
I can take charge and define my future on my terms.

It is amazing what energy, healing and love can do.

Kathleen has been working with the Lance Armstrong Foundation for
the last five years and continues to grow and survive......

From Dai in Toronto, Canada

Michael, I call you because I know you are the best...

From Diane
in Ottawa, Canada

I do Yoga relaxation for beginners - different poses to stretch - I'm going to go to a class here in the city this week - I know it's very important. I have a tape for conscious breathing and I do that too.

I'm going to say I want to just go with this healing Michael - and make a leap in faith that I can be whole again.
Thank you for your kindness - you are in my prayers

And after 2 long distance treatment sessions...

Hi Michael

At about 10:05 - I realized you had started the session - so I lay down and just breathed.
I felt this tremendous energy coming from the bottom of my feet and in my legs too.
It was intense but it felt wonderful too.
I had a small sleep, but not enough, then I visualized you, and got very warm, gentle energy.

I think tonite I will do some deep breathing, take in your session, and then float off to sleep.

This is such a gift Michael - thank-you so much
See you soon

From LeahDawn in Pittsburgh, PA...

Wow, that was amazing. Truly an experience. I could feel the energy flowing through me.
And yes, I could feel your presence. I had my eyes closed, but could still see the colors swirling around me.
... I could see a red then orange globe, then every thing turned green and blue.
Then I saw gold all around me. And I felt it streaming through my body.
I could feel tingling in my hands and arms and the top of my head too.

Thank you so much for this.

I look forward to meeting you some time in the near future.

Many Thanks and Blessings,

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